Butterfly First Sightings 2016*

The table below lists the earliest sightings of resident and regular migrant butterfly species that occured in Warwickshire in 2016.

This data is gathered as each year progresses to provide up-to-date information about butterfly emergence. The data is based on information submitted via our online recording form and is not reviewed retrospectively to include sightings information from other sources.

The list below is in order of reported sighting date, with the latest species on the wing at the top of the list.

**First sighting dates are based on records submitted online. Note that these dates are not updated retrospectively to include records submitted to the branch recorder in other forms. If a species is missing, this is either due to records not being submitted online or because the species was not recorded in our region during that year.

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Annual First Sightings for 2016

Species Date Location Recorder
Purple Emperor 06-07-2016 Oversley Wood Mike Slater et al
White Letter Hairstreak 03-07-2016 Ryton Wood Mike Slater
Essex Skipper 03-07-2016 Crimscote Downs Jonathan Bowley
Gatekeeper 02-07-2016 Mancetter Quarry Andy Barnsley
White Admiral 25-06-2016 Oversley Wood John Carter
Silver Washed Fritillary 25-06-2016 Oversley Wood John Carter
Purple Hairstreak 24-06-2016 Oversley Green David White
Small Skipper 24-06-2016 Studley Common NR Robin Jarman
Marbled White 21-06-2016 Bishops Hill Glyn Clarke
Dark Green Fritillary 21-06-2016 Harbury North Mike Slater
Ringlet 14-06-2016 Long Itchington Cutting Mike Slater
Meadow Brown 12-06-2016 Stockton Meadow Mark Searle
Clouded Yellow 02-06-2016 Swift Valley Steve Batt & Steve Wright
Painted Lady 27-05-2016 Radford Semele canal Mike Slater
Brown Argus 24-05-2016 Nr. Studley Geoff Thompson
Large Skipper 23-05-2016 Bubbenhall Woods Meadow Stephen Batt, Steven Cheshire & Jo Hands
Wood White 20-05-2016 Ryton Wood Mike Slater
Small Heath 16-05-2016 Land near Spernal Farm, nr Studley Geoff Thompson
Common Blue 15-05-2016 Kingsbury Colliery Spoilheap Andy Barnsley
Dingy Skipper 07-05-2016 Kingsbury Colliery Spoilheap / Stockton Cutting Andy Barnsley / Neil Payne
Small Blue 05-05-2016 Stockton Cutting Brian Sherwin
Grizzled Skipper 04-05-2016 Harbury Spoilbank South Gillian Thompson
Small Copper 04-05-2016 Fenny Compton Tunnels Gillian Thompson
Green Hairstreak 04-05-2016 Ryton Pools Country Park Ben Coleman
Holly Blue 21-04-2016 South Street, Atherstone Andy Barnsley
Green Veined White 13-04-2016 Ashlawn Cutting Steve Batt
Large White 08-04-2016 Lilbourne Dorothy Angela Newhouse
Orange Tip 02-04-2016 Stockton Cutting Steve Batt
Small White 25-03-2016 Bedworth Ian Grey
Speckled Wood 25-03-2016 Wainbody Wood Neil James Sutton
Comma 13-03-2016 Knowle Hill, Kenilworth Glyn Clarke
Brimstone 21-02-2016 Pagets Pool Escarpment Mike Slater
Red Admiral 20-02-2016 Fenwick Drive, Rugby Carl Jones
Small Tortoiseshell 31-01-2016 Shanklin Drive, Weddington, Nuneaton Alvin Burton
Peacock 11-01-2016 Packwood Adrian Smith