Long-tailed Blue

Lampides boeticus

Until 2018, there had only ever been one record of a Long-tailed Blue in Warwickshire, a male captured at Wellesbourne in 1973. Its origins are unknown.

In the hot summer of 2018, Martin Kennard photographed a Long-tailed Blue in a neighbours Apple tree in Kenilworth when Martin was trying to photograph a Comma butterfly. Luckily, he managed to photograph it before it flew off.

Habitat Requirements

The Long-tailed Blue has so far been unable to establish long-term colonies in the UK, most likely due to our winter climate being too cold and wet for its survival.

Historic Records in Warwickshire

  • 2018: One at St Nicholas Avenue, Kenilworth by Martin Kennard (04 July).
  • 1973: One at the National Vegetable Research Station, Wellesbourne by Dr. D. Crisp (30 August)1. N1.

A Long-tailed Blue photographed on 4th July 2018 at St Nicholas Avenue, Kenilworth © 2018 - 2024 Martin Kennard.

1. Smith, R. and Brown, D. (1979) The Lepidoptera of Warwickshire; a provisional list. Part One, Butterflies 1900-1977, Hesperiidae to Satyridae.
N1. This specimen was presented to Warwickshire Museum.