Geranium Bronze

Cacyreus marshalli

The Geranium Bronze is native to South Africa and has spread to Europe with imported Pelargonium plants. It was accidentally introduced to the Balearic Islands in 1987 and has since become common and widespread in southern Europe. It was first recorded in the UK in 1997 at Kingston near Lewes, East Sussex.

In the summer of 2006, Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire branch member John Carter discovered the first Geranium Bronze butterfly to be recorded in Warwickshire on his Pelargonium plants in his garden in Pillerton Priors. John purchased the plants only a few days earlier from a local garden centre, presumably when this individual was still in its pupal state. This female had clearly mated with an unseen male and was busily laying eggs on the flower buds of John's plants.

Habitat Requirements

The Geranium Bronze has so far been unable to establish colonies in the UK, most likely due to our winter climate being too cold and wet for its survival.

Historic Records in Warwickshire

  • 2006: One at Pillerton Priors - John Carter