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Records and Recording - Butterfly and Day-flying Moth Recording System

Please use the form below to send us your latest butterfly records for 2019 . To view the online records for 2019 , please visit our records page. All records submitted here are subject to checks and verification where required before being posted on the web site.
For a map showing the area covered, click here.

Butterfly and Day-flying Moth Recording System
Important - Please Read Before Proceeding

1. All records submitted online using the form below now require a 6 figure grid reference.
2. Day-flying Moth records should be provided in the 'moths' field.
3. For observations or eggs, egg-laying, larvae and pupae, please use the 'other notes' field.

Please complete the form below to submit your record

* = Required Field
= Information provided in the field indicated will be kept private. This information is required on occasions where the county recorder needs to verify a record or contact the recorder for the purposes of ensuring consistent and accurate records.

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Grid Reference


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Find out more about OS Grid References.


Date (when seen)


We have entered todays date for you. Please change the date if your observation occured on a previous day.


Garden Record?


If this is a garden record, please tick this box to ensure that this data is also used as part of the National Garden Butterflies Survey.


Please enter numbers only into the species fields below

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Blues & Coppers



Dingy Skipper


Essex Skipper


Grizzled Skipper


Large Skipper


Small Skipper


Brown Argus


Common Blue


Holly Blue


Small Blue


Small Copper


Brown Hairstreak


Green Hairstreak


Purple Hairstreak


White-letter Hairstreak


Whites & Yellows


Fritillaries & Brushfoots





Clouded Yellow


Green-veined White


Large White




Small White


Wood White




Dark Green Fritillary


Painted Lady




Purple Emperor


Red Admiral


Silver-washed Fritillary


Small Tortoiseshell


White Admiral




Marbled White


Meadow Brown




Small Heath


Speckled Wood


Wall Brown





Report records of moths in the following format providing numbers seen in brackets (). e.g. Latticed Heath (2), Emperor Moth (1)...


Report any interesting behaviour, sightings of other life stages (including numbers) or notes about the habitat.

If you intend to send this record to the County Butterfly Recorder as a paper based record at the end of 2019 , please tick this box.