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Records and Recording

Butterfly Conservation runs a variety of schemes to monitor butterflies and moths which involve over 10,000 volunteers across the UK. The data gathered in our world-renowned schemes is used by the Government to indicate the health of the environment at national, UK and European levels.

The on-going monitoring programme's help us direct our conservation effort where it is needed. It also helps us asses how effective current conservation work is and plan future conservation programs.

Map showing the distribution of butterfly records received between 2010 and 2014 inclusive.

Above: Map showing the distribution of butterfly records received between 2010 and 2014 inclusive.

The vast majority of the records in Warwickshire, Coventry, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield come from dedicated volunteers and casual observers. Others send paper-based site-based recording forms or provide us with casual records of their observations while out in the countryside (see links right). However, the vast majority of the records we receive from volunteers and members of the public come via our online submission form. We welcome submissions from anyone where sightings occur within the Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull area.

These records are processed and submitted to Butterfly Conservation HQ by our Warwickshire Branch Butterfly Recorder Keith Warmington to become part of Butterfly Conservation's national recording scheme.

Other forms of recording include transect surveys,and the wider countryside survey.

2019 Latest Records

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Butterfly and Day-flying Moth Recording SystemUse our Butterfly and Day-flying Moth Recording System to send us your observations of butterflies and day-flying moths. All records welcome.

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2017 Annual Report - The Butterflies and Moths of VC 38

D.C.G Brown, A Prior, M. Slater, K. Warmington

2016 Annual Report by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.This spring, our 2016 Annual Report includes results from butterfly and moth survey data collected during the 2017 season.

Branch members can download this report for free when available.

Warwickshire Recording Officers

Butterflies - Keith Warmington
Micro Moths - Nigel Stone
Macro Moths - David Brown
Transect Coordinator - Keith Warmington

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2019 First Sightings
2007 to 2019 First Sightings
2019 Individual Species Counts

Butterfly Conservation Policies and Guidlines

Download pdfMicrosoft WordNon-native sightings - Guidance to Branches.
This guidance note was released following a spate of random, un-official and unauthorised releases of non-native species in to the UK countryside in 2014.

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Collecting, Breeding and Photography
Download pdf Species Introductions and Re-introductions
Microsoft Word Style Guidelines

Branch Recording Sheet Templates

Please use the following forms for recording and submitting your butterfly and day-flying moth records.

Download pdfDownload Excel Spreadsheet Casual Recording Sheet
Download pdfDownload Excel Spreadsheet Site Recording Sheet
Download pdf Reduced Method Site Monitoring Form
Download pdf Church Yard Recording Form
Download pdf Field Margin / Hedgerow Recording Form
Download pdf Buddleia Recording Sheet
You can also submit your sightings online.

Recording Techniques

Transect Surveys
Wider Countryside Survey
Moth Trapping
Orange-tip Recording Project

Recording Events

Warwickshire Moth Blitz
Moths Count
Save Our Butterflies Week
Big Butterfly Count

First Sightings (UK)

Dates based on data held by Butterfly Conservation HQ.
2012 : 11 : 10.
2009 to 2002 only available as a Download pdf pdf file.