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Events - Detailed Information

Shown below is the full details of the event you have selected including, where appropriate, a description of the site, where to meet and other notes such as directions to the event venue.

Please bear in mind that due to the nature of our field trips and moth nights, it is suggested that you wear suitable clothing and stout footwear. You may be visiting wild places so always be aware of your own safety and the safety of others with your group.

If you have a medical condition or intend to leave the group at any time before the event ends, please ensure you let the event leader know, especially during moth nights and butterfly walks.

Moth nights and butterfly walks generally go ahead even if the weather conditions are not ideal. However, we recommend that if in doubt, you contact the event leader (Mike Slater) to check that the event is going ahead as planned.

Butterfly Walk
Butterfly Walk at Oversley Wood

Wednesday  05-07-2017
10.00 to


Join Mike Slater for a guided butterfly walk around the Forestry Commission's Oversley Wood near Alcester. This woodland supports a range of interesting woodland butterfly species where we hope to see the majestic purple emperor, silver-washed fritillary and graceful white admiral butterflies. With luck, we may also see the elusive purple hairstreak and white-letter hairstreak too.

Where to Meet

Meet at entrance gate under A46. Grid Ref: SP1105 67. Turn off A46 into Trench Lane then take first left up narrow lane leading back towards A46.

Please email Mike Slater or call 01788 335881 if you wish to attend this event.


Other information

Please email Mike Slater or call 01788 335881 for more information.

Event Leader: Mike Slater Event Leader

Mike Slater

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Event Leaders

All of our outdoor events such as butterfly walks, moth nights and work parties are led by experienced local experts who are actively involved in butterfly and moth conservation in Warwickshire.

Terry Southgate
Mike Slater - 01788 335881
Keith Warmington - 01827 715873
David Brown - 01789 840295
Nigel Stone - 02476 335189
Steven Cheshire - 07870 598691
Phil Parr - 01788 578272

Field Trip Health & Safety

Common sense is key to an enjoyable time. Wear strong walking boots to protect your feet, bring waterproof clothing, and make sure you drink plenty of water. Sunblock is advisable when attending a butterfly walk, warm clothing is required on moth nights.

If you have any medical conditions, please make sure that the event leader is aware of this.

Children under 16 are welcome to attend all of our events but they should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If you intend to leave an event early, please ensure the leader knows.

Branch Health and Safety Documents

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