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Various downloads and links to useful documents.

Annual Report

First published in 2011 covering data collected during the 2010 season. It also includes selected data from 2000 to 2009 to fill the gap since the publication of the Millenium Atlas of Butterflies in Britain and Ireland (Asher, Warren, Fox et al).

2013 Annual Report by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.2012 Annual Report by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.2011 Annual Report by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.2010 Annual Report by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.




Find out how to submit an article for inclusion in the next annual report.
Copy Deadline - 20th December 2019 .

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Annual Branch Magazine (Discontinued 2013)

Published once a year. Hard copies are given to BC members affiliated to the Warwickshire Branch as part of their membership subscription package.

PLEASE NOTE - in 2014 the branch magazine and annual report was combined in to a single publication. Magazine articles were included in the 2013 Annual Report (see above).
2011 Magazine by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.2010 Magazine by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.2009 Magazine by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.2008 Magazine by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.

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The following resources are available
to download for free.

2010 Annual Moth Report by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.Annual Moth Report

Published once a year, our moth report is distributed to those involved in moth recording in the Warwickshire region. If you would like to download individual site reports for each of our moth trapping sessions, please click here.

Download pdf 2014 available in early 2015!
Download pdf 2013Download pdf 2012
Download pdf
2011Download pdf 2010Download pdf 2009Download pdf 2008
Download pdf 2007Download pdf 2006Download pdf 2005Download pdf 2004

Moth Blitz 2011 Final Report

Download pdf 2011 Warwickshire Moth Blitz Final Report

Branch Moth Trapping Reports

The branch undertakes moth trapping across the county. Reports can found on our moths page.

Warwickshire Landscape Areas and Site Register

To provide focus for conservation, landscape areas have been designated. These landscapes are assemblages of known and potential colony sites where it is believed that adult butterflies have a reasonable possibility of moving between sites.

Download pdf 2012 Landscape Areas and Site Register

Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey

The UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, run by Butterfly Conservation (BC), the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), has developed a new Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey (WCBS) method to gauge the changing abundance of widespread species in the general countryside.

Download pdf 2013 ResultsDownload pdf 2012 ResultsDownload pdf 2011 ResultsDownload pdf 2010 Results
Download pdf 2009 Results

Find out more about the Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey.

2008 West Midlands Regional Action Plan.2008 West Midlands Regional Action Plan

This document provides a snapshot of the current status of butterflies and moths in the West Midlands, Birmingham & Black Country, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire.

View online - FlashPaper viewerDownload pdf West Midlands Region Action Plan (2008)
An on-line interactive version is available here.

Download pdf 2008Download pdf 2007Download pdf 2006

West Midlands
Download pdf 2008Download pdf 1997

East Midlands
Download pdf 2000

Warwickshire Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAP) for Species

More information about Warwickshire Biodiversity Action Plans can be found on the Warwickshire Wildlife Trusts Local Biodiversity Action Plans page. For further information on a national scale, visit the UK BAP.

Fact sheets

A series of fact sheets produced by Butterfly Conservation with input by Warwickshire Branch available to download in .pdf format.

Download pdf Butterfly Bank Fact sheet
Download pdf Butterfly Scrape Fact sheet
Download pdf Seeding & Plug Planting Fact sheet
Download pdf Woodland Scallop Fact sheet

Field Craft Lessons

A series of butterfly species field craft lessons by Mike Slater available to download in .pdf format.

Field Class Lesson 1 - Download pdf Finding White Admiral Eggs
Field Class Lesson 2 - Download pdf Finding Grizzled Skipper Eggs
Field Class Lesson 3 - Download pdf The Purple Emperor
Field Class Lesson 4 - Download pdf Finding Dingy Skipper Eggs
Field Class Lesson 5 - Download pdf How to find Small Blue Colonies

Warwickshire Butterflies Flight Chart

Download pdf Emergence dates and adult flight periods may differ from the national perspective as this chart is based upon records from Warwickshire only.


Grizzled Skipper Habitat Report
Creation of a dry stone wall to create egg laying habitat for Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus malvae at Ryton Wood Meadows Butterfly Conservation Reserve, Warwickshire, England by Mike Slater.
Download pdf Published in Conservation Evidence (2007) 4, 35–40

Creating improved habitat for the Dingy Skipper
In 2008, 1358 pieces of broken slabs were placed in the Birds-foot Trefoil rich meadow 1 at Ryton Wood Meadows Reserve to create abundant egg laying sites for the Dingy Skipper
Download pdf Dingy Skipper - Ova Deposition Report 2008

2008 West Midlands Regional Action Plan.Conservation for the Wood White Butterfly (Leptidea sinapis) National Sites Dossier 2010

Jenny Joy, Mike Williams and Stephen Jeffcoate

*PLEASE NOTE: The version made available here (although marked CONFIDENTIAL) does not include any confidential data contained within the full version of the dossier.

Download pdf The Wood White (
Leptidea sinapis) is one of the fastest declining butterflies in the UK and is now a priority species in the national Biodiversity Action Plan. Transect data and other recording shows that it has been lost from many locations and, where still found, its populations are now often small or confined to a limited area of habitat.* An on line interactive version is available here*.

2017 Annual Report - The Butterflies and Moths of VC 38

D.C.G Brown, A Prior, M. Slater, K. Warmington

2016 Annual Report by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.This spring, our 2016 Annual Report includes results from butterfly and moth survey data collected during the 2017 season.

Branch members can download this report for free when available.

Adobe Acrobat pdf Adobe Acrobat .pdf (Download Acrobat Reader)
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
Microsoft Word Microsoft Word Document

Branch Documents

Warwickshire Branch Annual General Meeting Minutes
Download pdfMicrosoft Word 2017 Branch AGM Minutes
Download pdf
Microsoft Word 2016 Branch AGM Minutes
Download pdfMicrosoft Word 2015 Branch AGM Minutes
Download pdf
Microsoft Word 2014 Branch AGM Minutes
Download pdfMicrosoft Word 2013 Branch AGM Minutes
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Data Protection, Bribery and Corruption
Download pdf Data Protection Policy / Guidelines
Download pdf Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy

Health and Safety Documents and Insurance
Download pdf Field Trip Guide
Download pdf Insurance Note
Download pdf Insurance 2010-11

Butterfly Conservation Policies and Guidelines
Download pdfMicrosoft WordNon-native sightings - Guidance to Branches.
This guidance note was released following a spate of random, un-official and unauthorised releases of non-native species in to the UK countryside in 2014.

Download pdf
Collecting, Breeding and Photography
Download pdf Species Introductions and Re-introductions
Microsoft Word Style Guidelines

Branch Recording Sheet Templates
Please use the following forms for recording and submitting your butterfly and day-flying moth records.

Download pdfDownload Excel Spreadsheet Casual Recording Sheet
Download pdfDownload Excel Spreadsheet Site Recording Sheet
Download pdf Reduced Method Site Monitoring Form
Download pdf Allotments Survey Form
Download pdf Church Yard Recording Form
Download pdf Field Margin / Hedgerow Recording Form
Download pdf Buddleia Recording Sheet
You can also submit your sightings online.

Branch Projects
Download pdf 2010 Small Blue Project preliminary update
Download pdf 2009 Small Blue Project prog. report

The State of Britain's Butterflies

Download pdf The State of Britain's Butterflies 2011
Download pdf The State of Britain's Butterflies 2007 - summary
Download pdf The State of Britain's Butterflies 2001

The Red List

Download pdf European Red List of Butterflies (2010)
Download pdf A New Red List of British butterflies (2010)
Download pdf Red List of British Butterflies (2007)