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Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire - Branch Logo featuring the White-letter Hairstreak butterfly.Butterfly Conservation.

Welcome to Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire - Saving butterflies, moths and our environment

Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire works alongside land owners, local authorities, conservation bodies, businesses and local people to raise awareness about the threats to our butterflies, moths, their habitats and our environment. We provide advice and practical help on how to protect these and other threatened wildlife in the region.

Several butterflies in the region such as the Small Blue and Wood White are particularly vulnerable due to habitat loss and population fragmentation resulting in small isolated colonies which become increasingly susceptible to local or regional extinction. The Wall Brown is now believed to be extinct in the region with no sightings since 2007. Other species such as the Duke of Burgundy are confirmed as extinct in the region, last seen in 1987. Warwickshire also hosts a wide variety of moths including species such as Sciota hostilis which is found nowhere else in the country.

Our members are vital to the work we do in our region. We currently have 347 branch members of Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire. Want to join us?

Keep up to date with the latest news from the Warwickshire Branch on Twitter. We're now on Facebook too!


Peter Titley and Margaret VickeryWarwickshire Branch President presented with Lifetime Achievement Award.

Margaret Vickery has made significant contributions to Butterfly Conservation for a period of over 25 years.

She wrote the Butterfly Conservation Gardening for Butterflies book in 1998, and in 2003 co-wrote ‘Butterflies of Warwickshire – Their Habitats and Where to Find Them.’

Margaret was Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor for the Warwickshire Branch from 1997 to 2002. She has also acted as Chairman and Branch Organiser and was appointed as Branch President in 2009. Margaret is an outstanding individual who has shown great commitment to the conservation of butterflies throughout her career. 

Pictured above: Peter Titley presents the award to Margaret Vickery at Butterfly Conservation's National AGM held in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire - November 2014.

For more informations visit the Marsh Christian Trust web site

Latest Butterfly Records 2015

View all of the records submitted online this year.

View details of this recordRecord ID: BCW127
27 March  2015 - Neil Freeman
- Langley Hall Park, Olton

View details of this recordRecord ID: BCW125
20 March  2015 - Jeff Jordan
- Watling Street Nuneaton

View details of this recordRecord ID: BCW124
22 March  2015 - John Harris
- Hartshill, Moorwood

View details of this recordRecord ID: BCW123
23 March  2015 - Mike Slater
- Ashlawn Cutting

Comma, the latest species to appear in Warwickshire this year.

Butterflies to see in March

You can see up to 12 species of Butterfly during March in Warwickshire.
Look for: Brimstone, Clouded Yellow, Comma, Green-veined White, Holly Blue, Large White, Orange-tip, Painted Lady, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White,

Latest species reported in 2015

Comma on 10/03/2015 by (Mark and Mary Preston.

5 of 36 butterfly species have been reported in 2015 .

First Sightings

Annual first sightings: 2014 : 13 : 12 : 11 : 10 : 09 : 08 : 07

Latest Branch News

Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire is involved in a wide range of projects and activities from conservation activities to guided butterfly walks and moth nights. For all the latest news about Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire, please visit our news page.

Latest Press Releases

Press Releases23/10/2014 - Butterflies Find Solace With Shakespeare
A family farm where William Shakespeare's mother grew up is set to become a home for rar...

Press Releases06/06/2014 - Early Start For Rare Spring Butterflies in Warwickshire
Many of the UK's rare spring butterflies have emerged weeks earlier than last year because...

Press Releases05/06/2014 - Early Start For Rare Spring Butterflies
Many of the UK's rare spring butterflies have emerged three weeks earlier than last year a...

Press Releases03/04/2014 - Butterfly Fightback Begins
UK butterflies rallied last summer following their worst year on record but numbers were s...

A 180 Year Old Mystery Solved! Photo © 2015 Mike Mead-Briggs.A 180 Year Old Puzzle Solved!

Summer, 1833 in Ufton Wood, Warwickshire. A young man called James Moreton Walhouse was out catching butterflies to add to his collection. Little did he know that on that day, he would catch a butterfly which would become one of the most interesting stories in the history of Warwickshire butterfly recording.

More information Find out more about the Great Spangled Fritillary (Argynnis cybele / Speyeria cybele) and why it took 180 years to confirm its identification.

Martin Kennard surveys for Clearwing moths at Oxhouse Farm.

Volunteers help butterflies, moths & other wildlife in Warwickshire

Almost all of our conservation and recording efforts rely upon the goodwill of land owners and time given freely by our dedicated team of volunteers and members.

Butterfly Recorders
Casual records of butterfly sightings in your garden or while out in the countryside can be submitted online using our simple recording form. The majority of our butterfly distribution data is gathered this way.

Site Based Transect Recorders
This requires a long term commitment with the aim of gathering detailed records of butterfly numbers and species along a given route over many years. These Transects help us to assess the effects of habitat change and loss at a particular site and help inform habitat management practices to ensure the survival of important species in our area.

Habitat Management / Organised Work Parties
Much of our work involves the management of butterfly and moth habitats in the region. Tasks include scrub clearance, planting of wildflowers, erecting fencing, gates and repairing footpaths.

Much of this work takes place on important protected wildlife sites like our own Butterfly Reserve at Ryton Wood Meadows. We also work in partnership with the Forestry Commission, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, other land owners and government agencies including Network Rail, Sustrans, British Waterways and defra in order to improve habitats for butterflies and moths.

Guided butterfly walks and surveys.

Branch Activities

Our branch activities are a great way to meet new people, learn more about our butterflies, moths, their habitats and the conservation techniques used to ensure their survival.

We conduct organised walks, moth trapping and conservation days at important public and private wildlife sites across Warwickshire led by local experts.

Dark Green Fritillary at Oxhouse Farm by Gillian ThompsonOxhouse Farm - Private Site

Anyone wishing to visit Oxhouse Farm to see the Dark Green Fritillary should be aware that YOU REQUIRE PERMISSION TO WALK IN THE MEADOWS. The butterfly can be seen from the public footpath which runs through the meadow. We politely request that you do not stray into the meadow without permission from the land owners.

In the interest of the butterflies and this important habitat, Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire and the Neal Trust would like to thank you for your co-operation on this matter.

Conservation Updates

Our conservation updates page provides an overview of some of the vital work being undertaken by branch volunteers and committee members alongside landowners, conservation partners and private individuals for the benefit of butterflies and other wildlife in our region. Read our latest Conservation Updates.


Butterfly and Day-flying Moth Recording SystemUse our Butterfly and Day-flying Moth Recording System to send us your observations of butterflies and day-flying moths. All records welcome.

Enter your sightings online now

Give as you Live Most of us don’t need much of an excuse to hit the high street but you can now embark on a spending spree with a clear conscience by raising money for Butterfly Conservation while shopping online.

With ‘Give as you Live’ thousands of your favourite online stores will donate a percentage of whatever you spend to Butterfly Conservation.

2013 Annual Report - The Butterflies and Moths of VC 38

D.C.G Brown, A Prior, M. Slater, K. Warmington

2013 Annual Report by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.Description
The 2013 Annual Report includes butterfly and moth survey data from the 2013 season. It also include short articles from members.

Branch members can download this report for free. Just log in to the WBC members area.

Field Trip Reports

Reports from our organised field trips.

Moth Trapping Reports

Reports from our moth trapping activities.

Branch Events 2015

A full list of events is available on our events page.

Public Event18-04-2015


Butterfly Walk17-05-2015


Butterfly Walk27-05-2015


Butterfly Walk07-06-2015


Moth Night13-06-2015


Moth Night27-06-2015


Work Parties

We are always happy to see new faces at our work parties where you can help manage some of our finest wildlife sites. You do not need to be a Butterfly Conservation member to attend. Everyone is welcome.

Regular mid-week work parties take place throughout the year across Warwickshire. Please contact Mike Slater on 01788 335881 for more information and if attending.

Rugby area work parties at Ashlawn Cutting, Malpass, Newbold etc, please contact Phil Parr on 01788 578272 for information and dates.

National Events 2015

National Moth NightMoth Night
10 - 12 September 2015 (Migration) - more info

Save Our Butterflies Week
Save Our Butterflies Week
tbc - more info

M&S Big Butterfly CountM&S Big Butterfly Count
17 July - 09 August 2015 - more info

National Moth NightMoth Night
9 - 11 June 2016 (Hawk-moths) - more info

National Insect WeekNational Insect Week (biennial event)
20 - 26 June 2016 - more info

More information More information about national events can be found on our National Butterfly and Moth Events page.

Magazine Articles

More information Got a news item or article for our branch magazine or web site? Find out how to submit your article here.

Branch Flickr Group

Join our flickr group and share your photographs of butterflies, moths and their habitats in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull online with others.